Ritalin + Adderall: Acne Side Effects

This is a letter from a reader about the relatively common belief that that acne is side effect of daily Adderall use.  Most people we have surveyed find that Adderall makes existing acne worse (although many individuals who never suffer from acne do not begin forming acne simply because they take Adderall).  Unfortunately, we don’t have an adderall acne solution besides eliminating the drug from your system altogether.  If you absolutely must use Adderall, take the minimum dosage that works (as low as 2.5 mgs or 5 mgs might still do something), and take it immediately when you wake up.  Avoid Adderall XR, which is the extended release pill, as this is more likely to disrupt your sleep. The closer to the time you go to sleep that you take any central nervous system, more more havoc it is going to wreak on your sleep cycle and the more likely it will be to cause an acne breakout.

Adderall side effects include difficulty sleeping (insomnia), a temporary increase in blood pressure, increased cortisol production, all of which can lead to acne breakouts.

You might find that an adderall substitute such as Ritalin has a lesser effect on acne, although a common side effect of Ritalin is also bad skin.

Dear AcneResearch.org,

I followed your regimen for the past month, and my skin improved dramatically.  However, things were not perfect.  My huge cysts were mostly gone, although I still had a small cyst show up from time to time, and I had maybe 3/4th of the number of whiteheads.  Of course, it is summer so I can’t spend 12 hours/day outside.  It’s simply too hot.  I am able to squeeze in about 3 hours during the middle of the day, at which time I also exercise, eat lunch, and take all of the recommended vitamins.  Anyhow, my skin was the best it had been without medication, but still not necessarily better than if I were following the acne.org regimen or using Proactiv.

Well, I felt like the acneresearch.org treatment was working and that the problem still had to do with something in my lifestyle.  That something, I am fairly certain, is my daily usage of Adderall.  I had attempted to force all Adderall usage to first thing in the morning so that it would be out of my system by the time I went to sleep.  With an elimination half life of around 12-14 hours, this seemed feasible.  However, for one reason or another I think it was still affecting my acne.  I had long suspected that Adderall caused acne, but I am so dependent on the drug for success at work and school that I wasn’t able to give it up.  Anyway, acne prone skin causes me more distress and anxiety than success does happiness, so I decided to quit the drug.  Rather than quit cold turkey (I used 20 mgs/day), I slowly decreased to 10 mgs/day for a week, then 5 mgs/day for a week, and then 0 mgs/day.  My acne got a little better each week.  I have been completely off the drug for 2 weeks now, and these have been the best two acne I’ve had in some time.

I am not ready to chalk up all of the skin improvements to not using adderall.  For one thing, the adderall withdrawals affected my sleep cycle.  I was sleeping an average of 8 hours/night when taking adderall (no matter what time I went to bed or how dark my room was, I just couldn’t sleep more than 8 hours).  The month I slowly lowered my adderall dosage, I slept for 10 hours on many days, up to 11 on some days, and almost never less than 9.  Now that my body is no longer recovering from Adderall dependency, my sleep has gone back to about 8.5 – 9 hours per night (not all the way down to 8, however).

One way or another, Adderall does appear to make my acne worse.  I don’t know if it is the direct effect of using a central nervous stimulant, the lack of sleep caused by adderall, or an increase in toxins coming through the skin caused by Adderall.  It doesn’t matter, though.  If I have to stay off Adderall to remain acne free, then I will.  At least I didn’t have to give up coffee… Yet.

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  1. Mitesser 13. Sep, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

    Hello. I have trouble with rather ugly acne rosacea and comedones. I’m afraid I have some scars as a natural consequence of scraping up the affected skin areas. What therapy could you suggest to cure these skin problems, any recommendations? So far, I have already used quite a few often mentioned cures like cider vinegar without success!

  2. Sharon 13. Feb, 2011 at 5:45 pm #

    There is no doubt in my mind that Adderall causes major acne outbreaks. I stay mostly free of acne, but if I take even a single adderall I will have a cyst within 2 days. If I take adderall for a week or longer, I suffer from a massive outbreak that won’t go away until I completely quit taking the adderall. A shame, because the adderall helps me so much with my ADD.

  3. DrHenderson 27. Nov, 2011 at 9:36 am #

    Person before me almost hit in the center with answear about fat !!!
    So let me tell you whole story that goes like this :
    - All we know that people use carbs ( sugar ) or fats ( meat, oils )
    to produce ENERGY to function like human being.
    - Now is the best part a little bit of physics:
    If we have two humans ( ROBIN and TOMY ) with weight and height the same AND they both ate “ 6 hamburgers”- ( in it carbs and fats ).
    After this big dinner Tomy went to his room and spended the rest of the day on a chair watching movies on youtube, like other people enjoy their life.
    Robin on the other hand, decided that he will go with his girlfriend GINNA for a long walk to the nearby Wood’s-Park, where he first time met Ginna. They came late at night, freezed and hungary. They both jumped in to the fridge so they could make some tasty super sandwiches. Later, that night Robin and Ginna went quickly to bed and together did fall like death in to the deep sleep.
    What happen to Tomy ? Before he went to bed at 5 am morning, he eat huge bag of chips ( 25 normal servings in a bag ) and he drank his girlfriend ( ANNA ) 4 Energy drinks. She used them only for emergency situations when she had to study for a test or go to work for a night shift. Anna will be mad and she will show Tomy what is stress all about when she will come from night shift tired!
    Guess who has problem with acne?
    Let me help you first! Robin and Tomy genetically almost the same very healthy had too much for dinner 6 big hamburgers BUT.
    Robin got his fats and carbs to produce energy and he used it in very effective way ( walking, talking, loving ). So let say he got 2555 calories in him and he used them all. Food was digested and used in 99% so there was no time for food to stop in his digestive track and wait for him to start using it. This is Robin’s life style where he unconsciously must have high metabolism to get his energy producing and using.
    Tomy’s DS (digestive system) was up sad, because he putted so much calories in his body and he used only 35% . What happen to the 75% of food energy? Some of it decided that will change to a fat and some of it decided to sit there and wait and ferment to harmful toxins. Those toxins gets in to the blood by capillary channels and they circulate in the whole body system where most of the time end up on Tomy’s face, neck, chest or legs. Skin just doing every day job by expelling toxins. Face skin is sensitive, has many sensory fibers, so it wants to clean it fast because doesn’t tolerate inflammation caused by toxins.
    What about 4 energy drinks that Tomy consumed? He just increased his body temperature and his heart pumping function for no reason letting toxins flow in larger number in to his blood system and polluting his nice skin even farther.
    The same with RITALIN or ADDERALL or COFFEE or other stimulants. If there is undigested food in your DS from where toxins are produced, You will always get some kind of ACNE or redness or Inflammation or other kind of bad reaction in your kidneys or eyes or adrenal glands. Remember skin just showing you that there is something wrong with your lymph nodes system which is your cleaning system parallel to blood system. So be happy that you got first alarm from your body saying “ PLEASE FIX ME OR THERE WILL BE MORE TO FIX AND THAN CAN BE TO LATE “.
    Some people don’t get this kind of alarm and they find about their disease later when drugs or other procedures are required.
    Everything must have PURPOSE, other way just sits there and make no sense in purpose which is your nice looking face.

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