Do Jergens Natural Glow Products Cause Acne?

Jergens Natural Glow products may help you achieve a desired bronze look, but does it contribute to skin breakouts? Please tell us about your experience.

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  1. dave 08. Nov, 2012 at 9:59 am #

    I just started using Jng like 2 weeks ago and I started to get tan. I was like wow it actually works and it does but soon after the second week I get red bumps that looked like pimples but not pimples. They are pain full and annoying and very itchy. I just had 6 tattoos done but the first 2 was weeks before using the natural glow and never got any bumps. Now the last tattoo I got I got all these bumps everywhere. Idk weather to say its the natural glow or from the tattoo.. any one know if its got any side effects that cause this. Thanks

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