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MaxClarity Foam Review

Email from a site visitor today: “I just saw an ad for MaxClarity Foam. Does it work? Is it a scam?” I don’t know! I haven’t tried every acne product in existence. They are all just a little different. This is a foam for God’s sake! A foam! Maybe someone finally bottled the magic acne cure. But […]

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Epiduo and Review

Epiduo® Gel is that wonderful form of new medicine, that relies on a cheaply available product (Benzoyl Peroxide) combined with another cheaply available product (a slightly modified retanoid), with a study that proves the product is slightly more effective than Benzoyl Peroxide alone. With this, and some paperwork, the product becomes a prescription medication which […]

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Topical Medicines: Benzyol Peroxide

Have you ever noticed that the people with the best skin barely touch it?  They certainly don’t wash, apply glycolic acid, apply benzyol peroxide, apply toner, apply moisturizer.  Most of the people I know with great skin don’t do any of these things.  Is their great skin genetic?  Or is it a series of subtle […]

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