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Lack of Sleep Causes Acne

Quality sleep is an important step in treating acne and enhancing overall health. guidelines require a variety of lifestyle changes, and first on the list is getting more than 8 hours of sleep every night. The body performs a complex series of maintenance tasks during sleep. Sleep deprivation disturbs these necessary biological tasks, which […]

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Our Visitors’ Theories

We asked our readers “Do you have any theories about what causes your acne?” Here are their responses: “the weather in texas, using the wrong products.” “My skin won’t stop producing oil!” “my dads side of the family had it” “i don’t drink enough water..?” “No” “genes” “no. i don’t know why it could only […]

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Depression, Dementia & Acne

Depression, Dementia & Acne

With research, experimentation, and tweaking, I have become acne free (fingers crossed) without medication for the first time since I was 16 years old. It seems that fruit is also a major acne trigger for me (I hear the fruit we eat has been genetically modified to contain far more sugar than the body can […]

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Boron & Acne

Several users who comment on this thread have found that taking a daily dose of boron decreases acne symptoms, especially when combined with Vitamin B complex, Zinc, and a properly managed sleep cycle.  If you have experimented with Boron, please tell us about your results here. Boron is a naturally occurring vitamin that is […]

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Vitamins and Acne: Pills That Work

After much experimentation and reading of forums, I have found a simple vitamin regimen that keeps me virtually 100% clear.  The regimen requires taking the vitamins with food, several times per day.  When I take all of the vitamins once per day, too low of a dosage, or without food, I don’t stay as […]

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